Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website. We are a very small fellowship near Stroud seeking to serve the Lord.

Our Pastor is Rev R.P. Mortimer. You can read more about him and our church, or even better, join us for our Sunday service! To listen to recent sermons, got to Links.

You can find us here:


Dr Crouch’s Road,
Eastcombe, Stroud,




For services and meetings click here

For the annual Eastcombe Baptist Conference click here

Pastor: Richard Mortimer
Phone:      01452 770595
Email:       revrpmebc@gmail.com

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to our website!

  1. Pieter-Jon Alliss

    Morning Richard, Piete Alliss here. I’m finally giving my details to you, as I keep forgetting to do so on Sunday after the service, because I get too preoccupied talking about The King! Or singing Justin Welby’s praises for his staunch biblical stance as the case may be! Mobile number 07854100522.

  2. Joan Lightning

    My grandfather was once the Pastor at Eastcombe Baptist Church, back in the late 60s or early 70s. (late 60s, I think.)
    I have a very vague memory of the Manse garden and kitchen which seemed huge to my extremely young self.
    I was wondering if there are any traces left of my grandparent’s time there. Granddad’s name was Arthur Rowland, and Grandma was Emma. I have no idea how long he was the Pastor there. Is there a record? They moved to Watford after he retired.
    One of the few things I remember is Grandma over-cooking her fruit jam one time and pouring it into a tray to set as delicious fruit toffee. That was in the Manse kitchen. I have a very vague memory of a suspended clothes rack (or something of that nature – wooden thing, with slats, attached to ropes – that hung from the ceiling. I suppose that is long gone now, but it fascinated me as a child. Lol.

    1. revrpmebc Post author

      I’m so sorry we never got back to you! We actually live in the Manse, feel free to pop in whenever you are in the area! I’m not sure if there is much left from that time, I’m afraid…


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